Welcome to the PhD section!

The PhD section of NTK represents PhDs studying in the Science and Technology faculty of Umeå University.

-You can find the current board members here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions of if you want to be involved. People is always needed!

-In case of problems during your studies (issues with supervisors, harassment, etc)  our PhD administrator can help you. Contact here!

-In the website, you can also find all of our protocols from past meetings, as well as the by-laws and other useful information.

-Finally, here we post information about other events we organise, but don’t forget to visit our facebook page for the latest information!

Autumn Grand meeting

We would like to invite you to the Grand meeting of the PhD branch of NTK student union. The meeting will be held in English.

We will offer a free lunch for NTK members  (please register before 10th October).

Link:   sign up here for lunch

When: 15th of October, 2019

Time:  12.00-13:15

Where:  MIT-huset, room MA 378 (  https://s.mazemap.com/2ocKpmm)

Invitation to NTK social event

PhD section of student union (NTK) would like to welcome new PhD students to Umeå University. Umeå is a great place to study and live and we hope that you enjoy being here. The Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology, NTK, is the student union for everyone studying engineering, science, architecture or design at Umeå University.

We would like to invite ALL PhD students at Umeå University to our social gathering on Saturday, 28th September on the campus area. For new PhDs, this is a chance to meet other fellow PhD students and to know more about NTK activities/supports. The weather forecasts show quite good temperature for that day (around 13C). We will prepare some BBQ food and provide some snacks and you bring your own drinks. We will hang out and play Swedish group-games such as “kub” and “bränboll”.

Please come to this event with your friends and families and enjoy the weekend with the fellow PhD students.

Please sign-up here no later than 27th September at 12:00.

What: Social event with BBQ and games

When: Saturday, 28th September, 16:00-18:00

Where: In front of the pond inside the university campus.

If you have any question, please ask by responding to this email.

Looking forward to meeting you on 28th September.



Summer is almost here. Please join us for a lunch picnic to feel (or try to feel) the summer in Umeå!

The Board of the NTK PhD section is happy to invite you for a barbeque picnic as an end of semester event. On the picnic, we will have a summer inspired picnic friendly lunch ready for you (Sallad, bread, fruit, vegetables, barbeque stuffs etc.). Don’t miss out the opportunity to socialize with your fellow doctoral colleagues and enjoy some free food (if you are not member of NTK, then you need to bring your own foo for barbeque, but we will provide drink, sallads and bread).

When: Wednesday, May 29, 11:30-13:30

Where: Open field at KBC huset (between Kemihuset and KBC huset), map:https://use.mazemap.com/#v=1&zlevel=3&left=20.3066953&right=20.3128365&top=63.8198713&bottom=63.8188127&campusid=289&campuses=umea&sharepoitype=point&sharepoi=20.31024%2C63.81937

Register: To register for the picnic, please fill the google form no later than Tuesday, May 28, 16.00. Use this link to register:


We hope to see you all there! Please don’t hesitate to contact us or if you have any questions!


Grand meeting of the PhD branch

Dear PhD student,

We would like to invite you to the Grand meeting of the PhD branch of NTK student union. We encourage you to participate and be active in your PhD life, and this is a great opportunity to meet fellow doctoral candidates from different departments! The meeting will be held in English.

During the meeting we will inform you about the most recent issues regarding PhD studies, elect a new board, and we also have several positions that you can apply for (you will get prolongation days or salary of your employment depends on the position)here you can find more information!

If you are interested in any of the positions, please send an email before the meeting to sharmin.ahmed@umu.se

We will offer a free lunch for NTK members, Register Here   (The last date of registration is 10th May)

The meeting will take place 13th of May at 12.00-13:20 at the room N350, Naturvetarhuset, Third floor

Kind regards,
The board of NTK PhD Branch


Pizza, Beer and Board games at Klossen

Sign up:   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r7xit7jaEFetasylnX-2V1rStLqViqTgJlzdB6KMUHI/edit#gid=0




NTK PhD section Afterwork

Hello fellow PhD candidates!
Please join us for Afterwork to enliven from the darkness in Umeå!
We will start at 17:30 in Rött (Axtorpsvägen 32, Berghem, near ICA) on Wednesday, December 05. You may order food and/or drink, or simply join to get to know your fellow doctoral colleagues from different departments.
If you decide to join, please contact us via email or just notify in FaceBook event, so that we can book table beforehand.
Hope to see you there!

Grand Meeting Autumn, 2018

Dear Colleagues!

The Board of the NTK PhD section (Umeå student union of science and technology) is happy to invite all doctoral candidates (members who are, or would like to be become, active within NTK) to attend our autumn grand meeting. The event will be held in English. On the event, we will serve lunch. Don’t miss out the opportunity get to know NTK PhD section activities AND meet with your fellow doctoral colleagues while having lunch.

When: Tuesday, October 16, 11:00-13:00

Where: NA326, Naturvetarhuset (Icelab).

Register: To register for the lunch, please fill the doodle no later than Friday October 12, 16.00. Use this link to register:


If you are interested in some positions (see attached document), please email me or contact any member of the board.

Please visit our website (https://www.ntk.umu.se/doktorand/ )  and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ntkphd/?ref=bookmarks ) for the more and latest information.

Documents attached

We hope to see you there! Please don’t hesitate to contact us or if you have any questions!


Board meeting

Our next board meeting will be held on 6th December, 2018 , from 16:00-17:30.

Place: T-surr, MIT-building (first floor).

As a NTK member, you are welcome!

Grand Meeting Spring 2018

Dear PhD members of NTK,


We are pleased to welcome to our grand meeting, which will take place the 15th of May at 16:00 , room MA378, in the 3rd floor of the  MIT building.

In this meeting we will elect new candidates for several positions. Besides, we will inform and discuss the topics we have been working this past year, and hope to get input from the PhD community.

Here you can find the agenda for the Grand meeting, but don’t forget to visit our  facebook page for latest updates.

There will be coffee and fika for you!


Best regards,

The board of the PhD section of NTK

FeelGood Seminar

The PhD section of NTK welcomes you all to this Lunch seminar. A representative of FeelGood will attend explain the services and inforation we can obtain from them.

Feelgood provides Occupational healthcare as an independent organization for employees at Umeå University. As PhD student you can get help from them.

Further information will be provided during the seminar from feelgood´s representative.

When: Monday 12th March at 11.00

Where: MA378 in the MiT building

Free lunch after the seminar for NTK members, REGISTER HERE!!, before the  5th of March