Board Meeting – October 14

Board meeting,  14 October 2014, KBC cafe

Participants: Stefan Brattlöf, Kristin Blum, Jakub Krzywda, Aleksandra Rybacka, Roland Bergdahl, Magnus Lindh

  1. Information by Stefan Brattlöf, Kempe Foundation. An electronic application platform will be used in the future.
  2. Home page. Here we can put information about the new electronic Kempe Application Platform. Longer documents on the homepage, and shorter notices on the Facebook group.
  3. PhD Pub. Origo is ok but we can try other pubs as a variation.
  4. Movie night by the end of October. Yakub and My Responsible.
  5. Lunch Seminar. Could be about for example how to write a competitive application Kempe.
  6. PhD Career Day. In the end of November? Responsible board.

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