Appointed positions

Chairman (25 days prolongation) 

  • Organising branch meetings and preparing the agenda.
  • Representing PhD students Branch outside
  • Coordinating activities with NTK
  • Meetings with the University Authorities
  • Member of student council (University-wide organization of PhD students)

Vice-chairman (10 days prolongation)

  • Participation in Branch meetings
  • Representing PhD students Branch outside
  • Member of student council (University-wide organization of PhD students)
  • Organising section events

Board members (10 days prolongation)

  • Participation in Branch meetings
  • Implementation of the assigned tasks

Treasurer (10 days prolongation)

  • As a treasurer you will have to care about the financial status of the board. In practice you will have to take care of paying different bills/expenses which the PhD branch has.

Auditor (10 days prolongation)

  •   The auditor externally controls the duty of the PhD branch

PhD students Administrator (20% employment)

The PhD student administrator is employed 20% by NTK. It is also possible to split the position in half and have two PhD administrators working 10% each. As a PhD student administrator your tasks are to monitor the education system at the PhD level. You will have to ensure that the system complies with laws, regulations, and University decisions. The PhD student administrator also helps to educate postgraduate student at the Faculty of Science and Technology when it comes educational matters. The PhD administrator is  responsible for the contact with NTK, and also work as the PhD student representative in the Committee for PhD Studies. The PhD administrator participates in the NTK PhD Board Meetings.


PhD students representatives at faculty or university committees

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for technical and scientific research, postgraduate education, and undergraduate and advanced education.

The faculty board members, except representatives of the students, are appointed by election.


Committee for PhD studies

The committee for PhD studies is an advisory and preparatory group at the faculty examine and discuss matters Relating to postgraduate studies, its quality, content and organization.

There are around 6-8 meetings a year. As a member, your role is to represent the doctoral student.


 Research Committee

As a member of the Research Committee you participate in discussions and decisions’ Regarding research-related issues at the faculty level (Tek-Nat). This includes topics as:

Distribution of faculty-funded research time for senior lecturers and professors

Calls (eg, medium-cost equipment, projects Wallenberg, Wallenberg fellow), organization of information meetings for researchers (eg VR application), associate Professor Notifications for Associate Professors. And much more …

As a member, Participating in the meetings (around 3 / holiday, between 3-8 hours per meeting). What takes the most time is to go through the documents before meetings; Usually it is applications to be read and rank. On the ranks meetings are Discussed and a common ranking prepared.

Overall a very rewarding position! You learn a lot about how to write good applications and what is Important If You Want to continue working in the research world. Moreover, it is exciting to read and discuss different applications from experienced researchers.


Employment Committee

The employment committee prepares and submits proposals for employment to the departments / head of departments. As a representative in the employment committee, you participate in the interviews with candidates, and also in the final decision, alongwith other Representatives from the faculty and he head of the relevant department. Before you Such meetings are provided the CVs of potential candidates. As a representative in the employment committee You are a part of the group That Decides Which teachers, research assistants and research engineers to employ.


Research Strategic Council (Forskingstrategiskråd)

The main task of the Council is to initiate and coordinate overall research strategies, including the follow-up and implementation of the university’s determined education and research strategies in the areas relating to research as well as to provide the necessary basis for decisions on future research strategies.

List of current positions and appointments

NTK PhD Student Section has a right to appoint Representatives to various committees, and working groups.

Below you can find a list of positional That we are allowed to elect PhD students Representatives, together with current appointments.

-We are currently working in updating this section. If you are interested in representing PhD students at your department, contact us!

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