1st Lunch Seminar – Latex Beamer

Title: Creating scientific presentations – a basic introduction to Latex Beamer
Lecturer: Jonas Wickman
Time: Thursday, October 22, 12:00-13:00
Where: Icelab, Naturvetarhuset, 3rd floor

Beamer is a set of Latex instructions that enable making of presentation slides using the Latex type-setting language. In this presentation I will give a basic overview of what Beamer is, when and why it is useful, as well instructions on how to make your own presentations in Beamer. The tutorial will include the basic commands of Beamer, including how the format for the slides work, how to partition space on the slides, include formulas, stagger items on the slide, change the basic visual theme of the slides, and how to include and position graphics.

Participants: ~ 20 persons


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