4th Lunch Seminar – Presentation Tools

Title: Collaborative LaTeX: An Introduction
Lecturer:  Roland Bergdahl and Jakub Krzywda
Time:  Tuesday, May 10, 12: 00-13: 00
Where:  N460, Natural Sciences Building, 4th Floor

Abstract: Do you see people falling asleep During your presentation? Do they look tired and unfocused? Do they start to entertain themeselves with the creation of legendary Steve Jobs – the iPhone? Well … if These moments are familiar to you then how you are presenting matters. This lunch seminar is about learning different tricks on how to make your speech and power point presentation more clear and exciting for the ones you are presenting for. It is overpriced about avoiding most common mistakes During a presentation. All of These practical advices on improvement are coming from world class presenters like Garr Reynolds, Steve Jobs and others.
Participants:  ~ 15 person


presentation slides

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