Career Day 2016

This year Career Day took place on May 16th. The aim of this event was to provide an overview on how careers can be pursued in Academia, Industry, Education and Innovation-Startup Sectors. The targeted audience were the PhD students, post-docs and young researchers, but it was open to anyone interested. The Career Day was organised by the Doctoral Council and it was a half day event, starting from 12:00-17:00 in Lecture Hall G, Humanities Building.

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Grand Meeting May 2016

The PhD Branch of NTK presents the fourth lunch seminar, this time collocated with NTK PhD Branch Grand Meeting! Come and learn some hints about giving presentations. Register before May 3rd to get a free lunch (NTK members only) at! As a NTK PhD member you will have a right to elect representatives to the PhD Branch Board and various representatives.

Date: Tuesday, May 10
Where: N460, Naturvetarhuset, 4th floor
12:00 – 12:15 Presentation
12:15 – Lunch served
12:15-13:00 Grand Meeting

Title: Presentation tools – learning from the world class presenters
Lecturers: Roland Bergdahl and Jakub Krzywda

Do you see people falling asleep during your presentations? Do they look tired and unfocused? Do they start to entertain themselves with the creation of legendary Steve Jobs – iPhone?  Well… if these moments are familiar to you then how you are presenting matters. Come and enjoy our “Presentation tools – learning from the world class presenters” lunch seminar (free lunch for the NTK members) and get inspired!

P.S. If you failed to answer to the first 3 questions stated above then presence on “Presentation tools – learning from the world class presenters” lunch seminar is not only a recommendation for you but an obligatory event.

To register for lunch, please fill the form before May 3rd at:

More information about NTK PhD Branch Grand Meeting:
PhD branch has a Grand Meeting twice a year (in Autumn and in Spring) when all the members have a right to elect the board and representatives.

You can learn more about the positions we will elect during the meeting at:

If you are interested in becoming a board member or PhD student representative you can contact current board members or just show up at the Grand Meeting.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

Kind regards,
The board of NTK PhD Branch

Career Day 2015

Positions of the NTK Career Day 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the Career Day at February 2nd, 2015. The aim of this event is to Provide an overview on how careers Can Be Pursued in Academia, Industry and Innovation-Startup Sectors. The targeted audience Are The PhD students, post-docs and young researchers, but it is open to anyone interested. The Career Day ice Organised by the PhD Section of NTK Student Union and it is a half day event, starting from 13: 00-17: 30 in Lecture Hall G, Humanities Building.

We are going to sacrifice sandwiches from 12:00 for a limited number of NTK members. Please register at 54.380

In order to give people a chance to network, we Encourage everyone to join us for an informal after-work at Lotta’s ( ), with opportunities for everyone to eat and / or drink on Their Own budget.

We hope to see many of you February 2nd,
The NTK PhD Section


Board Meeting – October 14

Board meeting,  14 October 2014, KBC cafe

Participants: Stefan Brattlöf, Kristin Blum, Jakub Krzywda, Aleksandra Rybacka, Roland Bergdahl, Magnus Lindh

  1. Information by Stefan Brattlöf, Kempe Foundation. An electronic application platform will be used in the future.
  2. Home page. Here we can put information about the new electronic Kempe Application Platform. Longer documents on the homepage, and shorter notices on the Facebook group.
  3. PhD Pub. Origo is ok but we can try other pubs as a variation.
  4. Movie night by the end of October. Yakub and My Responsible.
  5. Lunch Seminar. Could be about for example how to write a competitive application Kempe.
  6. PhD Career Day. In the end of November? Responsible board.

Word version

Grand Meeting Autumn 2014

Tuesday September 23 at 15:00 in the KBC café.


Magnus Lindh


High Coast Hike

Tomorrow Saturday June 28 we will leave for the hike at 9:00 from Universum. We will go with three cars to the northern entrance of Skuleskogen, and hike from there to see the impressive Swedish Grand Canyon, aka Slåttdalsskrevan. Then we will visit the Islands Tärnettholmarna, and enjoy the beautiful beaches. We will leave at around 15:00 from the northern entrance, and will be back in Umeå around 17:00.




June 19 at 17 o’clock


University pond next to library.


PhD bbq


When? 17:00 Tuesday June 10

Where? Grill spot in front of physics building (Linnaeus väg 20)



The NTK PhD Grill section

Italian Party


Welcome to the PhD section!

The PhD section of NTK represents PhDs studying in the Science and Technology faculty of Umeå University.

-You can find the current board members here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions of if you want to be involved. People is always needed!

-In case of problems during your studies (issues with supervisors, harassment, etc)  our PhD administrator can help you. Contact here!

-In the website, you can also find all of our protocols from past meetings, as well as the by-laws and other useful information.

-Finally, here we post information about other events we organise, but don’t forget to visit our facebook page for the latest information!